Innovative ideas and development of new products and processes with a high degree of innovation can be partially financed with public funds.

High risk innovative ideas

The project must have an innovative potential. Something new, something that has not yet existed has to be created. The product’s market readiness must not be imminent. At the same time, the project idea must have a high risk of failure. The public funding is intended to help reduce the company’s risk in the early development phase.  The presentation of the risks and thus the justification for eligibility is decisive in the approval process, which is why b&d reviews research projects from the beginning.

Funding programs

Various funding programs are available through several federal ministries to support research projects and individual researchers on different area. The funds are classified based on topics, rates and requirements including level of innovation, technical maturity of the idea, the necessary risk and the market potential.

The right choice can determine whether the project is approved or not, as well as the amount of funding. We always keep an eye on all funding opportunities and make appropriate proposals.

Implementation of the innovative idea

Every project needs sufficient employees and own funds to be able to work on the project. At the same time, a project manager must always be named to coordinate the project. Therefore, assessment of the available resources is part of our scope of services.

Application and fundraising

Every project needs a multi-page description of the project idea, a work plan and a financing plan for the application. Many funding programs have two-stage application processes. The first general application is followed by a main application with more detailed content for the project and more information about the company. If an application is approved, interim reports, fundraising and a final report must be drawn up. Our team of expert is ready to assist you in every stage of your application and help to bring your idea to a reality.

Subsidy consultancy

We will help to streamline your communication with project sponsors through detailed project report. With our commission-based and success-based billing we can minimize the economic risk of our customers.